KFC x Rostics | Chicken Tamagotchi | 3D Animation and CGI | Advertising 2023

Recently our team worked on a Chicken Tamagotchi commercial for KFC x Rostiks in collaboration with Blaster and Trehmer studios. Our goal was to make Basketman a living character, cartoony and cute, but at the same time the contents of the basket itself had to be realistic and appetizing.

We remodeled the 3D character, worked on textures and lighting to make the top of the basket look like crispy chicken with real french fries, adjusted the rig and did 3D character animation, rendering, and compositing. So 3D animation and all CGI were our part of the job.


3D Animation and CGI: DIP Animation CG Supervisor: Pavel Kim
3D Artist: Bekzod Uzakov
3D Rigger: Denis Filipev
3D Artist: Temur Maksudov
3D Artist: Abdukhakim Nosirov
3D Animator: Abdulaziz Turdiev
Project Manager: Makhmud Gaziev

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