Three elements, just born, but already very curious. Proton, Neutron and Electron every day replenish their knowledge base about our earth. To do this, they have a teacher (mentor) who will patiently tell the guys about everything!

Target group: 3-5 years

Lenght: 3 min

Episodes count: 10

Pro – a positive, easy, peaceful and the most responsible of all three. Always trying to help with something. And patiently trying to convince Electron.

Neon is the youngest, sweetest, clumsy, soft and friendly element.

El is a harmful element, grumbling, in every possible way opposed to progress.

Mentor – mentor patiently explaining to the children each phenomenon. Wise and smart.




1 Elements get to know each other and themselves. They will also learn what water is.

2 Guys already know what water is, but what is land? That is what we’ll talk about today.

3 Planet Earth is inhabited by a huge number of life forms. Today’s theme is fauna.

4 Our dear, comfortable and relatively small solar system is today’s topic.

5 Trees, flowers, shrubs, grass – this is all familiar to us, but these guys still do not know about these.


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